When should I call for an Intervention?

Whenever there has been a situation faced by personnel causing unusually strong emotional reactions that have the potential to interfere with their ability to function during or after the event.

Who should call?

Anyone involved with Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters, Dispatch, Hospital Personnel, Corrections, or Emergency Management Personnel that has been effected by trauma.

How to request a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Intervention?

Following the incident, call 402.479.4921 and inform them of the possible need for a Critical Incident Stress Management Session. The dispatcher will request the following information: The name of the community involved, nature of the incident, and the name and phone number of the contact person. A designated CISM staff will call to confirm the service. If an intervention is needed, a session will be conducted at the requested location.

What is Defusing & Debriefing?

Everyone reacts to critical incidents differently. Defusing & debriefings are to help you better understand any reactions you may be having. It is NOT therapy and is not designed to prevent serious complications like PTSD. It does NOT critique of the event or judgement of others. Participation is voluntary, and you are not required to participate, however it is recommended. Only the emergency service personnel involved in the incident can be in the defusing & debriefing sessions.

What about Confidentiality?

Everything shared in the intervention is kept confidential. What happens in the meeting, stays in the meeting. However, you are cautioned to not say anything that could jeopardize your employment, reputation or investigation. There are no ranks, just people trying to understand and deal with a potentially difficult situation.

What if I need more?

The team will give you their contact information for follow ups. CISM teams do hand out some education information on how you may cope with your situations. If this is not enough contact your pastor, priest or spiritual care provider, a workplace counselor, an Employee Assistance Program or a counseling professional to receive the help that you need. In case of emergency call the crisis hotline or 911.



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